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Our idea of a public space, or indeed a public, is changing and developing, and artists are finding new ways to share and view the work that they make. The spaces that we inhabit are filled with languages of objects and gestures that we create even as we are learning them. Exchanges take place across distances, physical or otherwise, in real and virtual spaces; when exchange happens virtually, something physical still traverses the distance.

We are making a show about exchange and correspondence. Fourteen artists will be invited to edit a Google Doc for a period of two weeks, exploring the theme in a collaborative document that will be displayed as an integral part of the show. They will also work together to build a virtual model of the physical show (in Second Life) that will be taking place at Prestamex House, Brighton, from the 5th-9th February 2015.

The space is a modular 8 section floor of an office building. We can partition it and re-combine it in any way we want; it would suit work in any medium. The physical and virtual shows will run in parallel but will be free to echo and complement one another, rather than constrained to being identical.

This is a virtual curation experiment bending the rules of communication. The show will also be viewable online via a roaming camera that can relay the physical space to the virtual versions, showing a second iteration to anyone unable to attend. We want to explore some of the possibilities that new technologies can offer in terms of accessibility, each presentation having its own potential and limitations.

Email with something about yourself, and an idea of what you’d like to do.

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