Helen Cann

Numerex House

I am interested in how the idea of location is experienced and how a map can signify this. A place is more than just a tangible physical space – it has many historical and personal associations.

Maps are a diagram of a place showing geography, a value system and boundaries; personal, social and political – usually curated by the mapmaker.

Why can’t a map show all these things as well as the minute interlayers of personal and historical associations connected with a place too?

I have mapped the office space at Prestamex for ‘Correspondence’ documenting more than the tangible physical space. A fictional company occupies the location. Every element of the room corresponds with a character, symbolised by its own movements, drives, personality and current and past interactions with other parts of the room and other characters in the room. The viewer will need to relate the map of the space (some of which is fictional) to the reality of the space itself and in turn, to the virtual expression of the space online. The authority of the map is questioned and the boundaries of truth, tangibility and reality are blurred.

Further map work can be found on www.helencannfineart.co.uk



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