Jane Frances Dunlop

How To Be In It

correspondenceVOICE from J F Dunlop on Vimeo.

correspondenceTEXT from J F Dunlop on Vimeo.


Jane Frances Dunlop is a Canadian artist based between London and Brighton. She works predominantly through long-term collaborations. Currently, her performances focus on the relationship between online spaces and physical places. She is an MPhil/PhD Candidate at the University of Brighton and the Associate Artist at Salon Flux.

I am a performance artist whose work has become increasingly bound up in the Internet over the last few years.

Currently, I am working to develop performances online that engage with the particularities of the worldwide web as it supports and informs the exchanges of artistic collaborations. I am interested in artistic collaboration as a radically generous process: a type of exchange that rejects the need to balance gain with loss and instead relies on the collective’s constant exchange of ideas as a process of trust and momentum gathering. I want to interrogate how artists increasingly use the web as an ad hoc studio or rehearsal space and how this enables us to cultivate practices and exchanges with a different relationship to distance. I wonder if a radical generous artistic practice could find momentum towards actual systematic change through the Internet. My background is in performance and literature; my interest in the Internet does not come from a place of technically mastery but rather from reflection about the evolving role of these spaces in my own practice.


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