Llew Watkins

David Bowie stole every scene Labyrinth so wear Goblin King (Future care 2)

More communication should be face to face. If you are going to bail on someone don’t send them a text but give them a ring. If you are bringing bad news don’t make a telephone call but knock at their door.

Margaret Atwood is careful to label certain of her works as speculative fiction and not as sci-fi. My practice is layering narratives: the coincidental narratives of my own life side by side with wider fictional narratives.

I make messy, ephemeral sculpture. It is awkward in the sense that impermanence and imperfection are central concerns. This is because I have been studying the Buddhist tradition for many years and impermanence and ugliness are central basic themes for Buddhists. My processes are labour intensive and intuitive. The works immediately communicate care because of their defenceless haptic quality which is something we are seemingly more and more starved for.

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