Nic Seymour-Smith

Feedback Loop



I am interested in exploring the idea of the automated curation of reality we experience based on the personal information we share (both intentionally and unintentionally) with companies like facebook and google, and the self image we project to the world via their products.
The  floor map is created using information about the Correspondence artists and an imaginary visitor to the exhibiton (based on myself). They have been demographically profiled using a mixture of public information on social media profiles and information guessed at from their posts, connections and interactions.
The floor map is automatically generated from this information, with the objective of curating an experience of the exhibition that maximally appeals to the visitor’s algorithmically derived sensibilities and tastes.


I use technology, information and traditional crafts to explore the

impact of our actions and ideologies on our surroundings and each

other. I am interested in the overlap of science, language and the

arts, and in particular concepts of identity that are associated with

those classifications.༒

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